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October 20, 2012


The eternal wisdom of the ancients

The ancient art of Ayurveda is part of the wisdom and lore of India. Its power and efficacy is recognized across the world. Just like vastu, the origins of Ayurveda can be found in ancient India. The two share a common language and common goals, that is, to enhance the well being of body, mind and spirit. One can not think of health without the proven system of Ayurveda.there is so much wisdom to be found in this medical system. a human body is made up of Panchabhutas i.e. Sky,Air,Fire,Water and Earth and these have a direct effect on the human mind and body. However, man in order to safeguard himself from the severity of the panchbhutas constructed the first house. This automatically created a barrier between him and the elements and made it all the more essential for him to construct the house only after careful planning.
Thus evolved vastu Shastra, which allowed man to plan his house in such a way that instead of becoming an obstruction, the house becomes a correct receptor of panchbhutas.

Ayurveda, which is based on eternal principles, lays stress on how to live life, which is in harmony with the environment around us. from this it is easy to understand that human health is greatly affected by the Panchabhutas.the focus of Ayurveda is on healing, prevention and rejuvenation of one’s health through Ayurveda”s system of balance. This balance is achieved through living in accordance with nature’s laws as also by construction and layout of house according to Vastu.ayurveda also upholds the existence of cosmic energy, which affects both mind and body. in its case it takes three individual forms of vata,pitta and Kapha.

Putting it simply, both Vastu and Ayurveda are two sides of same coin, both having the potential to heal the mind and body if used correctly.

The Treasure of Ancient India
One of the most valuable treasures of ancient India, Vaastu Shastra is believed to have been in existence for over 5000 years. It is derived from the Vedas and is rooted in Vedic philosophy. The word Vaastu means to dwell, and Vaastu Shastra is the sacred science of designing and building houses.Vaastu aims to restore the balance between the home and the cosmos, that is the microsm and the macrosm, bringing health, wealth and happiness to individuals. It has long been known that health and happiness do not rely solely on things such as food or exercise. If the mind is upset, the whole body is thrown out of balance, inducing illness, The energy channels of the body, or nadis, receive subtle cosmic energy called prana.Vaastu stipulates that if prana is functioning properly within the home, it ensures good health, wealth and happiness.

Those who ignore the advice of vaastu Shastra experience continual sorrow and disappointment.

The Vastu Principles

The principles of vastu have emerged from a mythology. Although they are constrained by ancient universal laws, they are unchanged by time and remain as relevant today as they were 5000 years ago. According to vastu,the external and the internal are interchangeable, because the underlying energies are the same that govern the elements, such as wind or fire, and the organs of the human body.Vastu states that when buildings and forms are in tune with the underlying cosmic principles, they become a part of the basic structure of the universe and vibrate in harmony with it. These positive vibrations have a different effect on the inhabitants.
In vastu, energy lines run like a large grid across the earth, from North to South and from east towest.If our living and working spaces are oriented according to these directions, it has a direct influence on the residents. The East, from where where the sun rises represents the essence of all begnings.The West indicates the opposite, for as the sun dims we are reminded of endings, the unknown and darkness. The North is the direction of the Pole star, the fixed point in the sky that denotes stability and security. The South represents the past and our ancestry. These cardinal points symbolize earth and the ground rock, from which all forms emerge.

The science of Vastu is complete in itself and, if properly applied, will ensure happiness in worldly life.Vastu acts as abridge between the inner spaces of being and outer spaces of natural order. Inner spaces come under natural control and constraints of Yogashastra.Outer spaces are covered in the knowledge of astrology through in media of 27 constellations, 12 signs of the zodiac, 9 planets and their correlations.


The Logic of Vastu
The Ancients believed that the mind and body have different activities depending on the time of the day. They designed and originated and oriented various components of a house to harmonize the movement of the sun and daily human cycle according to the rotation of the earth and the position of the sun throughout the day. They divided the 24 hours into eight, representing the eight cardinal directions. The nature of each activity reflects the quality of each direction. Houses that are not properly aligned have no sense of orientation, and cause restlessness, misfortune, and sickness.
Time & Activity
The period between 3 am and 6 am, just before sunrise is called Brahma Muhurta.This time the sun is in the Northeastern section of the house. These hours are ideal for Yoga, meditation, or study.

From 6 am to 9 am, the sun is in the eastern part of the house, which should be low lying to absorb the beneficial ultraviolet rays. This is the time for bathing and preparing for the day, so east is good location for bathroom.

The time between 9 am to 12 in the noon, when the sun is in the Southeast part of the house, is the best time for preparing food to be eaten later in the day. The kitchen and the bathroom are both wet areas of the house, positioned to receive the strong sunlight to keep them dry and hygienic.

After lunch it is time for rest, so the time between noon and 3 pm is called Vishranti, the resting period. The sun is now in the south, the best position for a bedroom.

Now time for studying and work, and the sun is now in the southwest section of the house, the ideal location for a study or library.

The period between 6 pm and 9 pm is the time for eating, sitting or reading. The west is the best location for dining or sitting room.

The time between 9 pm and midnight, when the sun is in the Northwest part of the house, where cowshed is located, was the time to attend to the animals. This part is a good location for another bedroom.

The time between midnight and 3 am, when the sun is in the Northern section, is the time of darkness and secrecy. The North is the best place to hide treasure or valuables, to keep them protected.

Vastu Tips
• Vastu acts as a bridge between the inner space of being and outer spaces come under natural control and constraints of yogshastra.Outer spaces are covered in the knowledge of astrology through its media of 27 constellations.12 signs of the zodiac, 9 planets and their correlations.

• A vastu with hundred percent matching characteristics and performance as espoused in vastu shastra is an idealistic condition. In practice, it is decidedly necessary or sometimes,
.even sufficient to achieve a minimum of 50 percent to 60 percent of the characteristics of the ideal conditions in a vastu.

• Particular zones or directions have enhanced positivity for particular class of people. North is related to intellectuals. East is related to military and police people. South is related to businessman and traders. west related to working class.

• The prayer room should be planned in such a manner that the back of the goddess should touch the east wall, with the person facing the east while performing the puja.

• Land with shape similar to back of turtle, circular shape, and triangular shape will not lead to holistic environment.

• Wealth and cash should be stored in the North. The person should face towards north when storing or retrieving cash.

• Even colorful Rangoli and Alpana, which we put in the houses, produce positive emanations.

• East sloping land is prosperous, southeast sloping is death promotive,southeast sloping loses wealth, west sloping indicates loss of offspring, north sloping is prosperous, northeast sloping is good for education and hollow in centre indicates hardships.

• It is considered profitable to purchase additional adjoining land on the north, northwest, and east sides. On no account should any land be acquired on the south or west sides, once a house has been constructed on a plot.

• The main door should not open inside the house. The total number of doors, windows and ventilators in the house should be even in number i.e. 2, 4, 6 etc. but should not end with a 0, that is 10, 20 etc.

• The geometrical axis of the plot should be aligned with the axis of the earth’s magnetic field, that is, one set of boundaries of a plot should be parallel to the North-South axis and the other set to east- West axis. If the boundary lines are not parallel to the magnetic axis, such land is poor for overall growth, peace and happiness.

• The land should be elevated towards the South and West sides and it should be lower in North and East sides for overall growth and happiness.

• If the ratio of two adjacent sides of a size is 1:1 and every corner is a 90 degree angle ,it is called a square and is best for overall growth. If the ratio of width and depth of a site is within 1:15 and all corners are of 90 degree, it is also good for growth. If the depth is more than twice the width, the size becomes weaker for growth.

Positive entrances
These are indicated by the colour green. The south of the South-East corner and the west of the north-west corner are thought to be moving in the direction of north-east and are therefore considered positive.
Moderate Entrance
These are indicated by the colour yellow and are considered to be neutral locations for doorways.
Negative Entrance
Red shows negative entrances, as they allow movement of negative energy. The east side of the south east corner and the north side of the north-west corner are both moving towards the south-west and are negative.
The Five elements
Eather, Air, Fire, water and Earth are the five natural elements known as Mahabhutas.Though each one of them has an independent character; they act upon one another in a distinctive way when brought together. All five elements should be present in abundance within the home to make it vibrant and filled with positive energy.

The other four elements depend on the medium of space or eather to circulate freely. Since space corresponds to the sense of hearing in the humans, there should be pleasant, soothing sound and calm space at home.Eather governs the north east section of a building, which should be kept open and spacious to allow the beneficial influences of the cosmic rays. This is the best area for peaceful introspection, meditation and Yoga.

Vayu or air the breath of the purusha is the ally of Agni, as air feeds fire. Both elements have a restless quality about them. It is represented by touch in the human body and, therefore, it is important to furnish a house with pleasing textures and surfaces and to allow an abundance of fresh, free flowing air. The North West section of any space is ruled by the elements of either air or water.

Fire or Agni is a predominant element symbolizing the vital spark of life. It corresponds to the sight in human beings. Within the home, lighting, colors and temperature are all important ingredients. Fire is depicted by a triangle, so a building on a triangular shaped plot should be avoided because it invokes unwelcome fire. The fire element governs the south east quarter of building and is the best location for kitchen. Agni is also connected with the digestive system of the body so the food clocked in the south east direction assures health.

Water has the same restlessness as air, being a fluid. It symbol is a circle, circular buildings or constructions tend to cause feelings of restlessness. Taste represents the water element and is closely linked to the sense of smell. In the home represents the plumbing system and all the various reflective surfaces such as mirror and glass. The North west is the good area for bathroom or guestroom, since these are the places where many different people may come and go without necessarily staying for long periods.

Earth or Prithvi represents the quality of form and is the ground on which the other three elements – water, fire and air, function. It is analogous to the sense of smell.Pleasent smell and pleasing aromas need to be present in the abundance within the home. The south west quarter of the home is ruled by earth and, because of the earth tolerant characteristic, can accept heavy weight. The south west is the best place in a room to place heavy cumbersome furniture and storage cupboard.

When all the elements discussed so far are the super imposed on one another, they form a complete energetic picture which is referred to as vastu purush Mandal.this image should not be taken literally but figuratively, as it represents the multy layered forces that are at work within a confined space.

Vibrations, wave, sound and light are the four parameters, which define everything in this world. These four parameters are used in vastu science to rectify and reinforce the qualities of a house.

Colour of sun-Morning sun emits positive ultra-violet rays represented by blue-violet. As it reaches its zenith it emits infra-red rays represented by red-yellow. Green remains neutral.



2012 Horoscope

January 2, 2012

2012 Horoscope: Aries

Peace and tranquillity are predicted for you this year. Much of your efforts and projects that have been put in the back-burner shall come to the fore-ground this year. Take ample time to prune unwanted persons, things and ideas from your life this year. The pace of your life might slacken a bit but do not lose hope. Slow and steady always wins the race. This year is likely to give you more freedom, particularly in relationships and career areas.
Your energy levels would wax and wane throughout the year 2012. Emotions and sensitivity might run high for most of the period. Do try to keep your anger under wraps as venting it out might land you in serious problems. Keep communications to a medium level keeping out unwarranted calls as trouble might lurk around.
Your career field remains uneventful for most part of the year but for the last quarter. You shall learn to evolve from your mistakes. A change in career course or some chances for higher education or research is also on the anvil. Artists are likely to get a beating rather than encouragement this year. You stand to get better in your relationship with authorities and peers in your work-place.
Find out the ways that would lead you into a state of financial security this year. The planets forecast you some luck and fortune in the financial area but do not expect a windfall. This is the apt time to make a change in your business ventures or services field. Better cash flow is predicted throughout the year, though occasional crunches canoe be ruled out. Be ready to show case your talents if it might fetch you better financial returns. Profits are likely if you pitch in hard work and practise humility to all extent.
Your love life shall see a more calm and peaceful phase after the turbulent periods of last year. Forget the past and live in the present. It has a lot to offer in your love and relationship arena. Channel your feelings and romance in the best possible way. Intense passion is predicted for the last half of the year as far as your relationships are concerned. Exchange your views and likes with clarity with your partner if already in a relationship. Open up as this year offers much positive scope. Give way for your desires as well and do not always yield to the whims and fancies of your partner. Do not act in haste as this year is a period which calls for much introspection as far as relationships are concerned.
Health is likely to go on a roller -coaster ride, at the peak in one time and touching the bottom of the rock the other instant. Your emotional and mental make-up has a lot to play in this time. The first quarter of the year shall see you in the pink of health. But the last quarter might call in for unwanted medical issues and expenditure. Do not push yourself too much into personal and professional work and take time to take a break which goes a long way in wishing you better health.
Much changes had been experienced by you in the past one year, that you have to go in for many reworks and revamps on your life. Thi

lifestyle might bring in tiredness and a loss of energy levels. Hence it is essential that a balance is found out
2012 Horoscope: Taurus

Much changes had been experienced by you in the past one year, that you have to go in for many reworks and revamps on your life. This is the apt time for you to go for the same. You would come out unscathed periods as good tidings are ahead. Do not be a scatter-brain, instead focus on one thing at a time and come out with flying colors. Long term projects might meet with impediments but do not lose hope and heart. There is plenty of time ahead. It is yours for the asking.
Much improvement is predicted in your career field for the year 2012. It does not mean that it would be a path of roses. En-route you have to untangle lots of knots. Try your level best if you want to have a change of position or job. Because the year is much favourable for this. Channel and focus your energy into the proper channels, that you can advance into a much favourable territory, much to the surprise and chagrin of your peers.
This year shall bring in more opportunity for you to make money. Develop strategies that shall help you to buy your dream home or vehicle this year. Certain financial constraints need to be done in order for your goals to be attained. A budget that is free from all sorts of tensions would be prepared for the eyar ahead. Double-check all your financial plans before leaping ahead.
Your love life is in for better stability this year after much humdrum of the yester-years. Do make sure that your desires and wishes are met by your partner. Make all efforts to get you more closer and intimate with your other half. Your relationship shall have a constructive growth this year. Those unmarried shall see the necessity to get into a relationship at the earliest this year. Do take some time off from your works to spend quality time with your loved one. Better communication would be the key to a lasting relationship for you.
Better management of your time with respect to exercises and work is needed this year. Your change of lifestyle might bring in tiredness and a loss of energy levels. Hence it is essential that a balance is found out here. Beware not to deplete your reserve energy levels. Avoid unwanted food stuffs that add nothing but calories. Do take some vitamin supplements as well for a healthy make-uo for te year ahead.

2012 Horoscope: Gemini

The year 2012 would be an eventful year for the Geminis. New ventures take shape with new ideas and new goals in life. You would be coming out of your shell and shall venture into unknown territories with renewed vigor and strength. Variety shall spice up your life this year. Relationships need utmost dedication for the year. Certain compromises ought to be made in your personal and professional life this year.
Peace and tranquillity are forecast in your professional field this year. It would be a calm after the wild tempest that happened last year in this area of your life. Take stock of your present situation and plan what is to be done in future for better rewards. The middle of the year shall see you enter into a new phase of your career path. Financially it would be a rewarding year ahead from your career point of view.
The year 2012 shall begin on a positive note as far as your finances are concerned. Some pessimistic approach is advised for betterment. Consolidation of your financials is on the way hence you need not worry much about your future in money. Learn to balance your expenditure and savings to sail smoothly this year in the financial ocean.
It would be a passionate year of 2012 for Geminis. You feel an urge to be loved but you need to love as well. Your emotions needs to be caged up for quite some time. Patience would be the keyword here. Your moods and emotional needs are to be kept under lock and key. Avoid all sorts of conflicts in relationships and wait for reciprocal actions from the other side, instead you always doing the thing. Single ones have maple time to meet their ideal man or woman in life. You shall get the opportunity of getting to know more about your partner this year. Of course, there would be certain errors in your relationships but do not give way for negative feelings.
Your health is likely to get some negative aspects this year of 2012. Physical and mental strain is forecast hence do not hesitate to take a break or relax when time and finances permit. Artistic pursuits can be engaged to let the steam out. Rejuvenate, revamp and refresh your inner and outer self for a healthier you in year 2012.
2012 Horoscope: Cancer

Major changes in your relationships are in store for the year 2012. Some of your near ones are likely to dfit apart leaving you in shatters. But avoid depending on others and rise and shine. Peace and calm shall prevail then in your life. Towards the middle of the year you may need to take an important decision in life related to personal and professional life of yours. If single you might meet the ideal partner. But beware of foxes in sheep’s clothing. New ideas of all sorts take shape this year. Keep your cool, and enter into actions to meet your plans. Success in legal processes are predicted for this year.
Much effort and commitment would be needed this year for good results in your professional front. Unavoidable difficulties shall come from nowhere leaving you in tenterhooks. Confidence in yourself shall help you to ward off any negative effects in the career side. You would pursue your long fought ambitions with renewed vigor and strength. Reveal your inherent talents to the workforce. The first half of the year would be very much exhausting while the latter half shall see you off sailing smoothly.
Finances shall take a good shape for you this year. Maintain your financial balance in a sensible way. An increase of income flow is assured but make sure you do not put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, diversify your portfolio. You can go in for some artistic pursuits for augmenting your finances for this year. It would give you the much needed mental and financial satisfaction in life. The second half of the year shall see a fall in your debt levels which would be a great moral booster for you.
Much peace and tranquillity shall prevail in your love front for the year of 2012. Stability in relationships is also guaranteed. Your ideals in relationships shall be met during this period. Be free to open up your heart to your loved one, be frank and try to understand the feelings of your partner. This is the apt time to clear any clouds of doubts in your relationship. Generally an average year as far as love and relationships are concerned for Cancers.
You are assured great energy levels for the year ahead. There would be a stability in your moods which had been deviating last year quite a bit. This would give you mental and physical health on a positive note. Take a resolution to cut down in bad habits that had been haunting you for the last few years. Concentrate on your works and take good care of your health.
2012 Horoscope: Leo

Renewed energy levels are predicted for you this year which shall help you to achieve your long sought after gaols in life. Your creative talents shall come to the forefront this year. Your wishes and aspirations shall materialize. You ought to make some major sacrifices for family or home sake. Take life as it comes by and live it simply in a positive sense. Some laziness might set in during the last quarter of the year. But beware that only strong actions shall give good rewards in life.
Much orientation would be seen in your career front this year. Though personal problems might drag your feet, you shall come out with good colors in the professional field for this period. Teamwork shall suit you well this time unlike the last few years. Be sure that you do not enter into loggerheads with authorities and peers in work place. The last quarter of the year shall bring profits much to your suprise. New agreements and contracts can be signed during this period.
Savings shall be your keyword for the year of 2012. It would come in handy during a rainy day. Prepare a balanced budget and make sure you stick to it. Profits are predicted for the year 2012, only if some audacity is practised. Some legal or career issues might make a dent in your purse during the middle of the year, hence beware. The end of the year shall see you in good spirits as far as your financial standing is concerned.
Do not chew more than you can bite. Do not venture into relationship with whoever passes by. Communicate your desires to your partner in the right sense. Some difficulties would be encountered en-route this year as far relationships are concerned. Many sensual and intense moments in your relationship are forecast for the year ahead. The first quarter of the year shall bring in luck if you are single and in search of an ideal partner. If already into a contract, then some tensions are forecast. But that would soon pass off as the passing wind.
You need to maintain a balanced lifestyle for goodness in health this year. Else something bad might strike you any moment as you had in the previous few years. Of course, you need to enjoy the pleasures of the world, but let it be minimal. Do try your level best to maintain your shape and weight this year. The last quarter of the year shall see you in good health and cheer. Take ample time for rest, sleep and exercises for a more healthier you.
2012 Horoscope: Virgo

This year shall see to that your creative abilities are expose to the outside world. Express yourself as better as possible because this is the time to showcase your abilities. Some painful results can also be expected. But do not lose your cool. Work hard, put in all your efforts and you shall get positive energy in a rewarding way. Make efforts to improve your lifestyle. Be optimistic this year and try to avoid all sorts of nervousness and negativity that might creep in now and then. Do not get along with those who are likely to cause some discord in your life.
Do learn to appreciate your hard work in the career field this year. Your efforts shall be giving tangible results this year. Decide precisely what is to be done for some betterment in your professional field and plunge into action. Strategic planning shall help you in this aspect. Let your ambitions and actions come to the forefront. Avoid wasting your time on unyielding projects. Instead focus on the commercial ones that might fetch you good returns as the year moves by.
Be cautious of your expenditure, avoid not to be much extravagant with life. Manage your finances well so that you do not land up in difficult situations. Avoid all unnecessary impulses to spend money. Take careful decisions and do not overspend. Ask yourself if something is needed or not more than one time before entering into a buying spree. The first quarter of the year shall fetch good returns. Towards the end of the year, some high value purchases are on the cards.
Your love life shall get more stabilized this year after much fluidity of the last few years. Circumstances might ask you to doubt your relationships but do not heed to them. Assert your position to your partner and do not yield in completely. Open up your heart and soul, crush the strong wall that developed between you and your partner. Make all efforts to plough inroads into your partners heart this year.
Take the year 2012 by its horns. It would be an eventful year loaded with high spirits and energy for Virgo natives. Take care that the limits of your health activities are not exceeded. Keep yourself engaged in some activity or the other. Mobility is the keyword for you this year. This year could help you to recuperate after some harsh health issues from the yester years.
2012 Horoscope: Libra

Life would be much happier, contented and lighter for Libras this year of 2012. You would be empowered by much freedom than before this period. Concentrate on your inner-self and do some spiritual rejuvenation. New relationships are likely to come into your life this season. Peace and harmony shall prevail for most of the year. Financial and legal entanglements are forecast for the year, hence beware of the consequences. Deadlines and resolutions shall not be met and shall go with the wind.
More scope for growth and achievement in your career field are forecast for the year of 2012. But be cautious not to spend much of your energy on the same. Go slowly, meeting one deadline at a time. Some high risk ventures are to be taken care with caution and ease. New contracts and agreements are likely to be signed in your favour this period. Teamwork shall do well and take your creativity to new heights. Make sure your give in a major share of your effort to any task that comes by the way.
Stability in your financial field is forecast for the year of 2012. However make sure you do not heed to unwanted expenditure in life. Of course, some expenses related to health issues for family members might hinder your financial development, but this cannot be avoided. Some spending might be needed for revamping your house or wardrobe. Do have a long term vision for your finances. Invest careful avoiding all types of speculative deals. The end of the year shall see you in a comfortable financial position than the year before.
Your love life would see calm and settled waters this year of 2012. Whatever that happened last year can be taken as a warning signal in your love life. Take time to understand the moves, likes and dislikes of your partner. In that way, you can control your emotions and desires. If frustrations and loss of partner comes on the way do not lose your heart. It is just a passing phase of your love life. Avoid impatience of all sorts for this year. If already into a relationship this year shall see a more matured you as far as relationships are concerned.
The first half of the year shall see you in good health and cheer. You are predicted with renewed energy and a positive spark in life. Indulge in some pleasurable activities but make sure you do not overdo the same. Do pat yourself on the back then and now to comfort your inner self that you are on the right health track. Some aches, pains, minor illnesses are forecast for the last quarter of 2012. Keep yourself going despite the hindrances.
2012 Horoscope: Scorpio

New projects and ideas shall take wings in this year of 2012. You shall pass through a new phase of your life and would be relieved of issues that had been haunting you for the past few years or months. You shall be able to enjoy much freedom in your life like never before. Much important decisions regarding career and personal life ought to be taken this year, hence take wise counsel in this regard. Do not remain idle or become lazy. This is just a passing phase and time once lost cannot be regained. Therefore put good use of the time you have in your hand this year to your utter fulfilment.
Much struggle and moments of impatience are forecast in your career field for the year of 2012. You need a change imminently. Your competitive spirit shall come to the fore in this area during this period. If looking for a change of course, the second half of the year shall help you to achieve the same. Concentrate on the area of your interest and come out with flying colors. Help from authorities and peers would be a boon for you this year.
Better financial stability is forecast for you in the year 2012. More financials means are likely to come on your way this particular period of time. Be clear with all your financial transactions and let everything be transparent in this aspect. Else you would be at the mercy of the taxmen. Your honesty would certainly pay in the long term. Some luck and fortune is in store for you this year. Some high value purchases are predicted during the first quarter of the year.
Stormy sessions are predicted in your love life for the year. Make sure your bond with partner remains intact despite the problems ahead. If not into a relationship, speak up your mind and settle down with your ideal partner for life. But choosing remains a difficult task as also settling down in a comfortable relationship. Live fully in the present and let the future take its own course. You would be able to explore new territories in romance and emotions this year.
Your energy levels and actions would be on a high during the course of the year 0212.Make sure you concentrate and focus your energy on one common goal, to stay healthy. You need to exercise much restraint in your lifestyle. Make sure that you take a balanced diet, take good exercises and practise healthy habits. Mental health also need to be taken care with caution. Here’s to a healthier you in 2012.
2012 Horoscope: Sagittarius

Your life would be free from difficulties unlike the last year. You stand to gain much in terms of power and authority this year. Your social status and living also gets an enhancement. If willing there is scope for a change of residence, career or relationship. You shall be loaded with much potential energy which would take you into the road for success in life. Some retrospection would be needed to understand your past life deeds. Take decisions then and there and do not procrastinate. Remain optimistic throughout the year.
This would be an average year as far as your career prospects are concerned. However the uncertainty that had been looming large shall leave you. Difficult testing times are also forecast for the period ahead. Some misfortunes would be met on the way. Teamwork shall be better suited for you though you would find it difficult to get along with others. The last quarter of the year shall see you get some recognition in your work place. This is also an apt time to venture into new projects that had been in the backburner for quite some time.
Your finances shall see a major surge or rise or revamp in the year of 2012. Much optimism shall come for you then in this front. However it is best advised not to venture into new projects that might make a dent on your finances. Wait and watch. Utilize your funds to settle old loans and debts. Better financial inflow is predicted towards the end of the year.
This would be a decisive period in your love life. There would be a total change in your visualization of love, romance and emotions. Your charm shall be able to attract new partners into your territory. If single this would be an apt time to tie the knot or settle down in a relationship. Do not be too much selective and you might be left to wander alone. Love is in the air!!
You shall be blessed with much energy and vigor this year. It would take you to new places hitherto unexplored. Be active though some occasional weaknesses shall weigh you down at times. Take care of your diet and maintain a balance. Make sure you relieve yourself of some of the bad habits. Take some time to exercise, relax and rejuvenate your spirit.
2012 Horoscope: Capricorn

This year would be generally a year of low profile for you. It helps you to enter a serene and peaceful atmosphere. You can go in for introspection and spiritual pursuits for the year. Much reflection can be done on your future prospects of the course of your life. You are likely to give up some of your projects that were dear to your hear this year. Your ambitions might take a back seat. Don’t lose heart and let optimism take over you. Certain impulsive actions should be taken in your personal and professional life this year.
New contracts and agreements would be signed in your professional field. Much precision needs to be implemented in doing your works. Show courage and commitment in all your endeavours. Be sure you get the goodwill of your authorities. If willing for a change, then this is the right time. Your hidden talents are likely to come to the fore this year. The first quarter of the year shall see some hindrances on your career path. But do not lose heart and keep going.
You are likely to have a firm footing with regard to finances this year. Long term projects shall see the light of the day after much delays and hindrances in the past years. Inflow and circulation of money would be satisfactory though you cannot expect a windfall. Business pursuits shall reward well during the first quarter of the year when compared to services. Some artistic pursuits shall also see a better flow of finances during the course of the year.
Your love issues take up the centre of attraction in your circle this year. Much emotional happiness is predicted for the year ahead. You are likely to meet your perfect companion if not already into a relationship. You would be attracted to those who understand your feelings, emotions and sensitivity. Express your feelings with an open heart to your partner. This is just a passing year with no major events or mishaps in your love life.
Do not take much risks with your health issues this coming year. Commit yourself to better health habits and pursuits this year. Manage your energy levels in the best possible way so that you do not end up drained at the end of the year. Do not procrastinate your visit to the doctor or dentist. Something bad would be lurking around the corners. The last quarter of the year shall see you in a more calm and peaceful atmosphere and is an ideal time for relaxing and revamping
2012 Horoscope: Aquarius

You would be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard toils of the last few years in this year of 2012. Much socializing is predicted in this year for you. You might meet up with unwarranted confrontations this year. Meet up with it head on. In fact this combating spirit would be good if healthy in a sense. Some of your resolutions shall take wings and land on better grounds. Though occasional minor unhappiness are predicted for the first quarter of the year, it would be a generally rosy year for you. Your perspective of life shall see a major change and put good use of your knowledge for a better rewarding future.
This year shall land you in a new phase of professional life. You shall be armed with much freedom and independence in your work place like never before. Pursue your ambitions with renewed vigor and you would be able to meet a considerable amount of your pursuits. Legal and authoritative influences shall help you in your endeavours. Beware of people who might land you in troubled waters. Do not commit anything to such people.
It would be a better year when compared to your previous financial years. Better inflow of income is guaranteed clubbed with a better career performance. Some unwanted expenditure related to medical issues likely to bother your spirits. But do not lose your hope. You have much stored for the rainy das ahead. Do not be too stingy in your financial moves, make some way for charity and luxurious pursuits as well. Of course, you got a fully loaded purse!!. 2012 shall bring in some gains through speculative deals and real estate ventures.
The year 2012 would be a more passionate and romantic year for you as far as your love relationships are concerned. Make sure you expose your inner self to your partner without any negative consequences. This is an apt time to settle down with a better agreeing partner than one who confronts you in all your personal matters with cynicism. If not into a relationship you will see a surge of sensuous longing. Do not restrain yourself into your cocoon. Come out and show the world that you have soft feelings too. This year shall provide ample opportunities for improving any strained relations.
Health needs utmost care as you are aging as the years moves on. Practice better health habits and inculcate the same in your family members too. Your moral life might see some down slides. Beware not to fall into a deeper hole. Closely monitor your dental and mental health this year. It would be wise on your part to take a long walk daily or do some routine exercises to keep your bones and muscles strong and supple.
2012 Horoscope: Pisces

Year 2012 seems to be a calm and peaceful year for you much deviating from the hustle and bustle of the previous few years in your life. Involve yourself whole heartedly into any task which you undertake and ensure it continues and ends on a positive note. There would be much freedom for your thoughts, ideas and ideals in life this year. Time is on your side and hence do not compromise on quality and quantity of work done this period.
You would be blessed with much peace and pleasure this year in your work place. But make sure that your tasks are on the right track. Certain unfinished tasks should be taken to the foreground and worked head on. You shall get the goodwill of your authorities in profession. Take any challenges that comes in your career field. Work positively with determination and grit. Do not doubt your inner self and energy levels. Luck is on your side this year.
Expansion of your financial status is on the cards this year. Reinforce your ideals in this area of life. The first quarter of the year shall see some rewards for professional efforts. Do not yield to temptations for high value purchases that come in the middle of the year. Of course, you can pursue them later on. Now is not the time for it. Speculative deals might meet with impediments. You might gain some finances through inheritance or goodwill. Be sure that you are financially strong during the end of the year as it might bring in some unwanted expenses from the home front.
You would become more softer and calmer as far as relationships are concerned this year. But you need to radiate your positive energy too. Do not rely on any transitory partners or friends. They might desert you in times of need. Your desires and passions would be on the rise in the first quarter of the year. Those single shall end up tying the knot or settling down with a partner. You are likely to have moments of unhappiness in relationships as well. But channel your emotions into positive notes for your goodness.
Do understand what your body really needs and do not yield to any unwanted temptations. It is by your sheer control and will power that good health is predicted for you. There would be a tendency to neglect your general health but beware. The last quarter of the year shall see some high energy deals for you. Make sure that your health and weight remain stable without much oscillations throughout the whole year. Generally a hale and hearty year for Pisceans in this 2012.

Nag Panchmi 2011 An Occasion to Pacify Kalsarp Dosha

July 29, 2011

नाग पंचमी श्रवण मास में शुक्ल पक्ष की पंचमी को मनाया जायेगा, इस वर्ष यह पर्व 4 अगस्त, गुरुवार. हस्त नक्षत्र में रहेगा. यह श्रद्धा व विश्वास का पर्व है. नागों को धारण करने वाले भगवान भोलेनाथ की पूजा आराधना करना भी इस दिन विशेष रुप से शुभ माना जाता है.
नाग पंचमी की विशेषता – Speciality of Nag Panchmi
ज्योतिष शास्त्र के अनुसार पंचमी ति
astrologyथि के स्वामी नाग देवता है. पूर्ण श्रवण मास में नाग पंचमी होने के कारण इस मास में धरती खोदने का कार्य नहीं किया जाता है. इसलिये इस दिन भूमि में हल चलाना, नींव खोदना शुभ नहीं माना जाता है. भूमि में नाग देवता का घर होना है. भूमि के खोदने से नागों को कष्ट होने की की संभावनाएं बनती है.
नाग पंचमी के उपवास की विधि – Nag Panchmi Upvas Vidhi
देश के कई स्थानों पर नाग पंचमी कृ्ष्ण पक्ष की पंचमी भी मनाई जाती है. नाग पंचमी में नाग देवताओं के लिये व्रत रखा जाता है. इस व्रत में पूरे दिन उपवास रख कर सूर्य अस्त होने के बाद नाग देवता की पूजा के लिये खीर के रुप में प्रसाद बनाया जाता है उस खीर को सबसे पहले नाग देवता की मूर्ति अथवा शिव मंदिर में जाकर भोग लगाया जाता है, उसके बाद इस खीर को प्रसाद के रुप में स्वयं ग्रहण किया जाता है. उपवास समाप्ति के भोजन में नमक व तले हुए भोजन का प्रयोग करना वर्जित होता है. इस दिन उपवास से संबन्धित सभी नियमों का पालन करना चाहिए.
दक्षिण भारत में नाग पंचमी का अलग रुप – Nag Panchmi in South India
भारत के दक्षिण क्षेत्रों में श्रवण, शुक्ल पक्ष की नाग पंचमी में शुद्ध तेल से स्नान किया जाता है. तथा वहां अविवाहित कन्याएं उपवास रख, मनोवांछित जीवन साथी की प्राप्ति की कामना करती है.
नाग पंचमी में बासी भोजन ग्रहण करने का विधान
नाग पंचमी के दिन मात्र पूजा में प्रयोग होने वाला भोजन ही तैयार किया जाता है. बाकि भोजन एक दिन पहले ही बनाया जाता है. परिवार के जो सदस्य उपवास नहीं रखते है. उन्हें बासी भोजन ही ग्रहण करने के लिये दिया जाता है. खीर के अलावा चावल-सैवई ताजे भोजन में बनाये जाते है.
मुख्य द्वार पर नाग देवता की आकृ्ति पूजा – Nag Devda Puja on Nag Panchami
देश के कुछ भागों में 4 अगस्त नाग पंचमी के दिन उपवासक अपने घर की दहलीज के दोनों ओर गोबर से पांच सिर वाले नाग की आकृ्ति बनाते है. गोबर न मिलने पर गेरू का प्रयोग भी किया जा सकता है. इसके बाद नाग देवता को दूध, दुर्वा, कुशा, गन्ध, फूल, अक्षत, लड्डूओं सहित पूजा करके नाग स्त्रोतया निम्न मंत्र का जाप किया जाता है.
” ऊँ कुरुकुल्ये हुँ फट स्वाहा”
इस मंत्र की तीन माला जाप करने से नाग देवता प्रसन्न होते है. नाग देवता को चंदन की सुगंध विशेष प्रिय होती है. इसलिये पूजा में चंदन का प्रयोग करना चाहिए. इस दिन की पूजा में सफेद कमल का प्रयोग किया जाता है. उपरोक्त मंत्र का जाप करने से “कालसर्प योग’ दोष की शान्ति भी होती है.
मनसा देवी को प्रसन्न करना Worsipping of Godess Mansa Devi
उतरी भारत में श्रवण मास की नाग पंचमी के दिन मनसा देवी की पूजा करने का विधान भी है. देवी मनसा को नागों की देवी माना गया है. इसलिये बंगाल, उडिसा और अन्य क्षेत्रों में मनसा देवी के दर्शन व उपासना का कार्य किया जाता है.
काल-सर्प योग की शान्ति – Kal Sarp Dosha Shanti Remedies
4 अगस्त 2011, शुक्ल पक्ष, श्रवण मास के दिन जिन व्यक्तियों की कुण्डली में “कालसर्प योग’ बन रहा हों, उन्हें इस दोष की शान्ति के लिये उपरोक्त बताई गई विधि से उपवास व पूजा-उपासना करना, लाभकारी रहता है. काल सर्प योग से पीडिय व्यक्तियों को इस दिन नाग देवता की पूजा अवश्य करनी चाहिए.
नाग-पंचमी में क्या न करें
नाग देवता की पूजा उपासना के दिन नागों को दूध पिलाने का कार्य नहीं करना चाहिए. उपासक चाहें तो शिव लिंग को दूध स्नान करा सकते है. यह जानते हुए कि दूध पिलाना नागों की मृ्त्यु का कारण बनता है. ऎसे में उन्हें दूध मिलाना अपने हाथों से अपने देवता की जान लेने के समान होता है. इसलिये भूलकर भी ऎसी गलती करने से बचना चाहिए. इससे श्रद्धा व विश्वास के पर्व में जीव हत्या करने से बचा जा सकता है.
” ऊँ कुरुकुल्ये हुँ फट स्वाहा”
इस मंत्र की तीन माला जाप करने से नाग देवता प्रसन्न होते है. नाग देवता को चंदन की सुगंध विशेष प्रिय होती है. इसलिये पूजा में चंदन का प्रयोग करना चाहिए. इस दिन की पूजा में सफेद कमल का प्रयोग किया जाता है. उपरोक्त मंत्र का जाप करने से “कालसर्प योग’ दोष की शान्ति भी होती है.
मनसा देवी को प्रसन्न करना Worsipping of Godess Mansa Devi
उतरी भारत में श्रवण मास की नाग पंचमी के दिन मनसा देवी की पूजा करने का विधान भी है. देवी मनसा को नागों की देवी माना गया है. इसलिये बंगाल, उडिसा और अन्य क्षेत्रों में मनसा देवी के दर्शन व उपासना का कार्य किया जाता है.
काल-सर्प योग की शान्ति – Kal Sarp Dosha Shanti Remedies
4 अगस्त 2011, शुक्ल पक्ष, श्रवण मास के दिन जिन व्यक्तियों की कुण्डली में “कालसर्प योग’ बन रहा हों, उन्हें इस दोष की शान्ति के लिये उपरोक्त बताई गई विधि से उपवास व पूजा-उपासना करना, लाभकारी रहता है. काल सर्प योग से पीडिय व्यक्तियों को इस दिन नाग देवता की पूजा अवश्य करनी चाहिए.
नाग-पंचमी में क्या न करें
नाग देवता की पूजा उपासना के दिन नागों को दूध पिलाने का कार्य नहीं करना चाहिए. उपासक चाहें तो शिव लिंग को दूध स्नान करा सकते है. यह जानते हुए कि दूध पिलाना नागों की मृ्त्यु का कारण बनता है. ऎसे में उन्हें दूध मिलाना अपने हाथों से अपने देवता की जान लेने के समान होता है. इसलिये भूलकर भी ऎसी गलती करने से बचना चाहिए. इससे श्रद्धा व विश्वास के पर्व में जीव हत्या करने से बचा जा सकता है.

What kind of photos should be kept at house and what should not be kept?

March 20, 2010

What kind of photos should be kept at house and what should not be kept?
Some people like to hang photos of animals,incidents and loved ones in there house.Hanging Photos,images,statues,drawings and frames is not an objection to the astrologers.But what kind of photos should be kept or not kept is given by them.Keeping photos and statues that bring peace in the house,progress,soothing the eyes should be kept.But photos and statues in which we get angry,revenge,fear,should not be kept.Ramayan and mahabharat pictures,statues made of stone and wood,naked women’s photo should not be kept. Monkey,eagle,snake,pigeon,crow,tiger,owl,bear,ox,etc nad other birds photos should not be hanged.
Broken back of a tortise should not be kept.History or ancient incidents photos should not be kept at home.
Photo in which you are sitting facing the north with a child on your lap can be hanged in the east direction.
Statues or photos of deer should not be kept in front of puja things and statues of God but you can hang them on the wall.

“ Grahe na ramayan bharathav chitra krupanahavmindrajalikam
Shilocchyaransmay sadasur bhishama krutakrandanra tvanmabram

Vaarahashardulshivaprudakvi grudhdabhidholupitvaysa:
Shashyengodhodivakaadiptrino vichitrita na sharne shubhavahaa: ”

vaastu fo Kitchen

March 11, 2010


The kitchen should be in the south-east portion of the house. The door of the kitchen should be in the north, east or north-east direction opening clockwise. The lady should face east while cooking, for it brings good health to family members. If the lady faces west while cooking it may lead to health problems to ladies; while cooking with the face towards south may lead to financial problems in the family.
Cooking Gas/Range should be in the south-east part of the kitchen. Sink in the kitchen should be installed in the north east. Big windows and ventilators should be in the east direction, while smaller windows should be in south. Exhaust fan should be installed on the eastern wall in the south-east corner. A dishwasher can be placed in the north west of the kit chen.. If any storage cabinets are made in the north east, use these cabinets for light weight storage only. Soft pink and orange color can be used in the kitchen. Drinking water should be placed in the north-east; water filter will be installed in the north east, if required.

Refrigerator should be in the south-west corner. No toilets and bathrooms should be adjoining, and above or below the kitchen. If the kitchen is adjoining a bedroom, the wall between them should be thicker than other walls. Food should never be served in the center of the kitchen, i.e. no dining table should be placed in the center of the kitchen. Dining table should be placed in the north-west cornet of the room. If a dining table is placed in the kitchen one should only face east north while consumption of food as it is good for digestion.

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March 4, 2010

Title: Sony Ericsson Satio

daily prayers

December 19, 2009

daily prayers

Sarvaebhyo Daveaebhyo Namaha

Shuklaambaradharam Vishnum
Shashivarnam Chaturbhujam
Prasannavadanam Dhyaayaet
Sarva vighnopa shaantayae

I pray to him who removes all obstacles, who is always clad in
White clothes, who is all pervading, who has moon like complexion,
Who has four arms(hands) and whose face is always cheerful.

Shree Ganesha Stotraani

Om Ganaanaam Tvaa Ganapatigum Havaamahae
Karim kaveenaamupamashravastamam
Jyaeshtharaajam Brahmanaam Brahmanaspata
Aa nah shrunavannootibhih seedasaadanam

Aum, we invoke you with great honour, o lord of
Forces (Ganapati). You are move knowledgable than
Any one, among the gathering of the learned. You are
Exceeding famous (among all the dieties) owing to your
Supreme qualities, you are the greatest in the company
Of lords. You are the leader of leaders of all
the vedas. Please listen to our prayers and come and
be seated here, for the sake of protecting us.

Gajaananam bhootaganaadhi saevitam
Kapittha jamboophala saarbhakshitam
Umaasutam shoka vinaashakaaranam
Namaami vighnaeshvara paada pankajam

I bow down to the lotus feet of the lord Vighneshwara,
Who has the face of an elephant, who is always
Worshipped by the crowd of bhutas, who is fond of
Wood apple, who fond of the essence of the fruit of rose apple(jamun)
Who is the sun of Uma, and who is the cause for destroying
Ones grief and sorrow.

Mooshika vaahana modaka hasta
Chaamara karma vilambita putra
Vaamana roopa maheshvara putra
Vighna vinayaka paada namastee

I bow down in obeisance to the feet of vinayaka the destroyer of grief,
who has rat as his conveyance(vehicle),
who holds modhaka(his favourite sweet balls) in hands,
whose ears look like large winnows,
whose long sacred thread hangs loose,
who has a very short stature, and
who is the son of great ishwara (shiva)
the nee for performing ‘Pradakshina’ we cannot
draw a circle without a centre point. The lord is
the centre, source and essence of our lives.
Recognising him as the focal point in our lives,
We go about doing our daily chores,
This is the significance of ‘Pradakshina’.

Agajaanana padmaarkam gajaananam aharnisham
Anaekadantam bhaktaanaam ekdantam upaasmahae

I offer my workship to that lord Ganesha, day and
Night, who gives extreme happiness by which the lotus
Like face of parvati, the daughter of mountains, blossoms forth
Like the lotus that would bloom by the sight of the sun
My workship be to that god who possesses the face of an
Elephant with a single irory horn, who bestows
Enormous boons to his devotees.

Vakratunda mahaakaaya kotisoorya samaprabha
Nirvighnam kurumae daeva sarvakaaryaeshu sarvadaa

O, the great god who possesses a curved trunk and a big
Body, who is as lustrous as ten million suns, simultaneously
Shining, pleasure remove obstacles that may be encountered
In any of my (holy) deeds.

Sumukhashchikadantashcha kapilo gajakamakaha
Lambodarashcha vikato vighnaraajo vinaayakaha

He possesses a good inviting face; he is one horned,
He is honey red hued, his ears are like those of an
Elephants, his belly is stout and hanging he is good
Humoured, he is the foremost of kings in suppressing
Miseries, he is the supreme leader and the destroyer of all troubles.

Dhoomakaetuh gannadhyakshah phaalachandro gajananaha
Vakratundah shoorpakamo haerambhah skandapoorvajaha

His colours resembles the smokes, he is the leader of all
Ganas(forces). He keeps the phase of the moon at the temple
Of his forehead, his face is like an elephants, the trunk of his
Elephants face is curved, his ears are broad like the winnows,
He resides in the herambha country, he is elder to lord shanda (kartikeya)

Shodashaitaani naamaani yah pathaet shrunuyaadapi
Vidhyaarambhae vivaahaecha pravaeshae nirgamae tathaa
Sangraambhae sarva kaaryaeshu vighnastasya na jaayatae

If anyone reads or hears all these sixteen names of lord ganesha,
At the time of commencement of learing or at the time of marriage,
Or when going to place (praveshae) or while starting from a place
(nirgamae) or during fighting or quarelling (samgramae) or (as a matter
Of fact) at the time of doing all works he does not face any impediments
(from delusion lead me to truth, from darkness lead me to light,
From death lead me to immortality, brihad aaranyaka unpanisad(1.3.28)

Pranamya shirasaa daevam gowreeputum vinaayakam
Bhaktaavaasam smaraennityam aayush kaamaarthasiddhayae

After bowing down by head, If anyone remembers the great
God vinayaka, the son of gowri (parvathi), who resides with
The devotes, his/her life is cherished and all desires fulfilled.

Prathamam vakratundam ch ekadantam dviteeyakam
Truteeyam krushna pingaaksham gajavaktram chaturthkam

Firstly, he has a curved trunk of an elephant, secondly he is
One homed, thirdly his eyes are honey coloured (black and red)
Brownish, and fourthly he is elephant headed (vaktram means the mouth face)

Lambodaram panchaman cha shashatham vikatamaeva cha
Saptamam vighnaraajam cha dhoomravarnam tathaa shtamam

Fifthly, he possesses a hanging belly, sixthly he is verily,
Good humoured also, seventhly , he is king like is suppressing
Ones miseries, he is smoke coloured eightly.

Navamam phallachandram cha dashamanm tu vinaayakam
Ekaadasham ganapatim dvaadasham tu gajaananam

Ninethly, he is adorned with the phase of the moon, at his
Temple(forhead). Tenthly, he is the removers of miseries
Is ganapathi, the head of ganas or forces, counted as
Eleventh. He bears the face of an elephant that is counted
As twelth.
Dvadashaitaani naamaani trisandhyam yah pathaennaraha
Na cha vighnabhayam tasya sarvasiddhikaram param

Anyone who reads these twelve names., three times in day
At the junction of sandhyas, in deprived of fear from any
Obstacles, and he drives enormous success in all ventures

Vidyaarthee labhatae vidyaam dhanaarthee labhatae dhanam
Putraarthee labhatae putraan mokshaarthee labhatae gatim

An aspiring student is benefited by good education
(knowledge) person who is desirous of wealth is bestowed upon
with enormous riches, a person who is desirous of progeny gets
many sons and a person who is desirous of getting liberations (moksha)
gets access to it.

Japaed ganapati stotram shadbhirmaasaih phalam labhaet
Samvatsaraena siddhim cha labhatee naa(a)tra samshayaha

If anyone chants this ganapati strotram for six months, he/she
Derives the fruit of having chanted it. If anyone does it for a year,
He/she gets enormous success also, there is no doubt about it.

Ashtaanaam braahmanaanam cha likhitvaa yah samarpayaet
Tasya vidyaa bhavaet sarvaa ganeshasya prasaadataha.

If anyone submits these hymns in writing to eight Brahmins,
He is bestowed with knowledge and also gets the favour of lord ganesha

Praatah Darshanam

Karaagrae vasatae lakshmee karamdhyae sarsvatee
Karmoolae sthitaa gowree prabhaatae karadarshanam

At the front of the hand resides lakshmi at the middle of the
Hand dwells saraswathi, while at the root or base of the hand
Dwells parvats. At dawn, 9 perform the darshan of my hands.
(may the day, therefore, dawn to me, bringing me all prosperities)

Note:- The great men advised one to get up from the bed
At least one and a half hours before sunrise,at the time know as
Braahma muhoortha and without seeing anything else, around one
Is adviced to spread one’s own palms and perform’ Darshan of the hands.
This is know as ‘kara-Darshanam’ or ‘kara avalokanam’. While seeing the
Pams, the above mentioned sloka should be chanted when one automatically
Remembers three supreme goddesses laxmi, saraswathi and parvati at down.

Kapilam darpanam daenum bhaagyavantam cha bhoopatim
Aachaaryam annadaataaram praatah pashyaed budhojanaha

A wiseman will see in the morning a brown cow, a mirror,
Milch cow, a rich person, a king, his preceptor and a person
Offers food to offers food to poor as charity

Saadhoonaam darshanam punyam teerthoopootaa hi saadhavata
Kaalaena phalatae teertham sadyah saadhu samaagamaha

It is auspicious to see the virtuous men (saints or sages)
It is meritorious to get purified in holy waters. While it takes
Some time to reap the fruit,from the dip in the holy tirthas,
It gives instantaneous and meritorious result by coming
Together with holy men.

Pruthvee kshamaapanam

Samudravasanae daevee parvatastana manditae
Vishnupathi namastubhyam paadasparsham kshamasvamae

O, bhoomi devi, you are clothed by the oceans and the
Circumferences of the mountains adorn abd beatify you. O,
Consort of lord Vishnu, I make obeisance to you I may be pardoned for
The feet that tread on the land (earth)
Note:- As soon as one gets up from the bed in the morning,
One Is expected to chant this, seeking pardon from the bhoomi
devi, before he/she sets food on the ground.

Govind Stutihi

Govindaeti sadas snaanam govindaeti sadaajapam
Govindaeti sadaa dhyaanam sadaa govinda keertanam
While taking bath, always remember the name of lord
Govinda always chant govind’s name, meditate upon
Govinda always and sing govinda’s praise always.

Teertha Praarthanaa

Gangae cha yamunae chaiva godaavari sarasvati
Narmadae sindhu kaaveri jalea (a) smin sannidhim kuru

O, rivers ganges, yamuna, godavari, sarswati, narmda,
Sindu(the Indus) abd kaveri; all of you, please gather
Together, in this water (kept in the kumbha or sacred pot)

Gangaa sindhu sarasvatee cha yamunaa godaavaree narmadaa
Krushnaa bheemarathee cha phalgu sarayooti shreegandakee gomatee
Kaavaeree kapila prayaaga vinataa naetraavateetyaadayoho
Nadyaah shreehari paadapankaja bhavaah kurvantu mangalam

May the rivers ganges, sindu (the indus), Saraswati, Yamuna, Godavari,
Narmada, Krishana, Bhimarathee, Palgunipalghu at gayaa-sarayu, sir
Gandaki, Gomathi, Kaveri, Kapila and the rivers netravathi depressed at
Prayag all these that reside at the sacred lotus feet of Sri.Hari, bring
Prosperity to us.

Deepa Stutihi

Shubham karoti kalyaanam aarogyam dhanasampadaha
Shkatru buddhi vinaashaaya deepajyotih namo(a) stutae

I adore you in obeisance, you the radiance of the lamp
That bestows upon welfare, auspiciousness, health and
All types of riches also that destroys any adverse knowledge.

Deepo jyotih param brahma deepo jyotih janaardanaha
Deepo haratu mae paapam sandhyaa deepo namo(a) stutae

The radiance of the lamp is form of supreme Brahman. The
Radiance of the lamp is form of supreme Brahman. The
Radiance of the lamp is the form of lord janaradhana. May the
Radiance of the lamp destroy my sins. I bow down in obeisance to
You in the dusk

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men
That the defences of peace, must be consitructed “
The Unesco Preamble.

Tulasi Stutihi

Tulasi shree sakhi shubhae paapahaarinim punyadae
Namastae naaradanutae namo naaraayana priyae

O, Tulasi, you are the friend of devi lakshmi you are
Pure you destroy all sins, you give luck, auspiciousness and
merit. I pray to you the one praised by the sage narada and
who (tulasi) is the favourite of narayana.

Panchmaatuha stutihi

Gaayatreem tulaseem gangaam kaamadhaenum arundhateem
Pancha maatuh smaraennityam mahaapaataka naashanam

The following five mothers, whose names when remembered
Daily, destroy in to the very serious sins committed by
One ‘Gayatri, Tulasi, Ganga (the ganges) kamadhenu (the celestial
Cow) and arundathi

Go stutihi

Sarvakaamadughae daevee sarvateerthaabhishaechanee
Paavani surabhishraeshthee daevee tubhyam namo(o) stutae

May the prayers be upto you, the sacred cow,the fom of devi,
Who bestows all wishes one way aspire, who is sanctified and
Bathed by all the holy waters, who emanates around her a very
Sweet smelling atmosphere and frees anyone from sins and purifies him/her

Soorya Praarthanaa

Namah savitrae jagadaekachakshushae jagat prasootih sthiti naasha haetavae
Trayeemayaaya trigunaatmadhaarinae virinchinaaraayana shankaraatmanae

We offer our prayers to the sun god who plays the role of being the eyes to the
World, who is the creater, sunstainer and destroyer of the universe, who is the
Very form of Vedas and who has also taken the three forms, owing to his inherent three characteristics and who is the very embodiment of brahma, Vishnu
And rudra.

Brahma svaroopamudayae madhyaahnae tu maheshvaraha
Astakaalae svapam vishnuh trayeemoortih divaakaraha

The sun god is in the form of lord brahma in the morning, as her rises,
He is in the form of lord shiva in the mid noon and in the form of lord
Vshnu at the time of setting

Poorna tatvam

Om poornamadah poornamidam poornaat poornamudachyatae
Pooramasya poornamaadaaya poornamae vaavashishyatae

Aum, he is the whole without parts (poornam). He is called complete
And whole. If anything is taken out, that also is complete and whole.
What remains is compelte and whole such is para Brahman or para shiva
Let us meditate upon that perfect “he”

On kaara dhyaanam

On kaaram bindusamyuktam nityam dhyaayanti yoginaha
Kaamadam mokshadam chaiva onkaaraaya namo namaha

The great yogis meditate upon the pranava aum united with central
Bindu. I offer my workship to that state of “Aum Kara” that fulfills all
Desires and bestows the supreme liberation (moksha)

Concept: the central bindu in “Aum” is a sacred dot it denotes sakti
The divine mother is that dot; and shiva is the father in the form of
Sound of ‘Aum’

Shanti paathaha

Om saha naavavatu saha now bhunaktu sahaveeryam karavaa vahai
Taejasvi naavadheetamastu maa vidvishavahai
Om shaantih shaantih shaantih

Aum, May it (the brahma) protect us (the preceptor and the disciple)
May it sustain us. May we work together with energy in its full form
May our knowledge illumine brightly. May we not have ill will towards
each other.

Subrahmanya stutihi

Shanmukham cha ganaadeesham shaamdukha cha paramaeshvaram
Sarvadukha vinaashaaya santatam chintayaamyaham

I always think of him, who has six faces, who is the god of ganas (forces)
Who is the form of lord shiva the most supreme lord and who destroys
All the miseries

Shadaanaham chandana laepitaangam mahoradam divya mayoora vaahanam
Rudrasya soonum suraloka naatham brahmanyadaevam sharanam prapadyae

He has six faces his body is smeared with sandal paste all over. He Is very
Delightful. His vehicle is a superb peacock he is the son of lord rudra.
He is the leader of the army of the land of devas. He is supreme Brahman
I surrender to him, the lord subrahmanya.

Neelakanthavaahanam dvishadbhujam kireetinam
Lolaratna kundala-prabhaabhiraama-shanmukham
Shoola-shakti danda kukkutaaksha maalikaadharam
Baalameeshvaram kumaara-shaila-vaasinam bhajae

He possesses a blue-necked vehicle as his conveyance(peacock)
He has two times six arms (twelve) he wears a crown. He wears ear
Rings studded with precious gems that hang beautifully (kundalam), in
All twelve ears on his six faces when they move here and there, they dazzale
Brilliantly. He bears a trident (sula), a spear (sakti), a mace (danda) a flag with
Cock in signia and an akshamla as weapons and emblems.
I pray to that lord subrahmanya, the young god who resides in the kumara hills.

Valleedaevayaanikaa samullasan tameeshvaram
mallikaadi divya pushpaMaalikaa viraajitam.
Jallareeri naada shankha vaadana priyam sadaa
Pallaavaarunam kumara shaila vaasinam bhajae

The lord is happily found with his consorts valli and
Devayani. He is adorned with high quality flowers like
Jasmine and others. He is happy with the sound beat of
Cymbals, he is always happy with the sound raised by conches.

I pray to (that lord subrahmanya) that god, who resides in the
Kumara hills, that shines red with the morning twilight.

Shaastaa pancharatnam

Lokaveeram mahaapoojyam sarvarkshaakaram vibhum
Parvateehrudayaanandam shaastaaram pranamaamyaham

He is the mightiest of warriors; he is greatly adored; he protects
Every being; he is supreme; he causes happiness to parvati. I offer
My salutations to that great lord shaasta.

Viprapoojyam vishvavandyam vishnushambhoh priyamsutam
Kshipraprasaada niratam shaastaaram pranamaamyaham

You are adored by the brahmanas (scholars) you are worshipped
By the entire universe, you are the beloved son of Vishnu and shambhu
(shiva). You are always engaged in bestowing upon boons (to your devotees)
I offer my salutations to you, the great shaastha

“Enough is never enough, until you have had enough of having enough!”

Mattamaatangagamanam kaarunyaamrutapooritam
Sarvavighnaharam daevam shaastaaram pranamaamyaham

He walks like an elephant in rut. He is satiated to bestow,
His full form of ambrosial compassion. He is the god who
Erases all the miseries (of his devotees). I offer my
Salutations to that great lord sastha.

Asmatkulaeshvaram daevam asmachchatruvinaashanam
Asmadishtapradaataaram shaastaaram pranamaamyaham

You are the iswara or the great god (bestower) of my family;
You are the destroyer of my enemies; you are my favourite
Deity; I offer my salutations to you, the great sastha.

Paandyaeshavamshatilakam kaeralae kaelivigraham
Aartatraanaparam daevam shaastaaram pranamaamyaham

You are the distinguished chief in the pandya clan. You have
Taken a very pleasant and playful form in kerala. You are the
Great god in protecting the distressed and the ones struck by
Calamities. (arta traana) I offer my salutations to that great sastha.

He who is born in the fire will not fade in the sun.

Pancharatnaakhyamaetadyo nityam shuddhah pathaennara ha
Tasya prasanno bhagavaan shaastaa vasati maanasae

Whoever with purity (of body and mind) recites this sastha
Pancha ratna daily, the god sastha becomes pleased with him
And resides permanently in his mind (and thoughts).

Bhootanaatha sadaananda sarvabhoota dayaapura raksha
Raksha mahaabaaho shaastrae tubhyam namonamaha

You are the captain of all the bootha ganaas(forces). You
Always give them happiness. You show extreme compassion
To all beings (in all the worlds) O, shaasthaa, who possesses
Broad shoulders (arms), I offer my prostrations to you
Please protect me; protect me.

Yasya dhanvantarimaataa pitaarudro(a) bhishaktamaha
Tam shaastaaramaham vandae mahaavaidyam dayaanidhim

I offer my prayer to that great shaastha, who is the store house
Of compassion, who is no wonder a great physician, for his mother is no
Less than dhanwantari and his father the supreme physcician of all the
Concept: the lord shaastha is a great physician his mother is lord Vishnu-
Who took the form of mohini and who is dhanwantari too and his father is
Shiva, who is known as vishwa bishak. ( the great docter to all world)
Vide sri rudram 1.6 and 10.2 no doubt, their son becomes a great physician
to the world.

Shruti smruti puraanaanaam aalayam karunaalayam
Namaami bhagavatpaada shankaram lokashankaram

I offer my workship to the great adhi shankara, who is the very form of
The feet of the great lord, who is the store house of shruti, smruti (Vedas)
That are heard and that are memorized and puranas (ancient texts) who is the
Abode of compassior and who confers happiness and prosperity to the
Entire world.

Guru vandanam

Gurubrahmaa guruvishnuh gurudaevo maheshavara
Guru saakshaat parambrahma tasmai shree guravae namah

Salutations to that glorious guru; for guru is brahma is Vishnu and
Also the lord maheshawara, the guru is verily the supreme Brahman himself

Tvamaeva maataa cha pita tvamaeva, tvameva bandhu shcha sakha tvamaeva
Tvamaeva vidya dravinam tvamaeva tvamaeva sarvam mama daeva daeva

You alone area my mother and you alone are my father. You alone are
My reation and friend. You only give me knowledge, you only give me
Prosperity. You are everything to me my god of gods.

Shree guru paramparaa

Naaraayanam padma bhuvan vasishtham
Shaktim cha tatputraparaasharam cha
Vyaasam shukam gowdapadam mahaantam
Govinda yogeendramathaasya shishyam

The guru purampara comes in the following order; sri sadhashiva, Narayana, brahma (the one born in lotus), sage, vasistha, sakti, parashara His son,
vyasa, sukhacharya, gowdapada, the great sage-denoting sri adi shankara

note:- it is very auspicious to remember and chant the names of the guru
parampara, everyday at down.

Dakshinaamoorthi stotram

Guravae sarvalokaanam bhishajae bhavaroginaam
Nidhayae sarvaridyaanam dakshinaa moortayae namaha

He is the preceptor for all the worlds. He is the physician to the
People suffering from the disease of samsara. He is the treasure-house
Of knowledge. I offer my workship to that great dakshinamurthy.

Om namahpranavaarthaaya shuddhagnyaanaikamoortayae
Nirmalaaya prashaantaaya dakshinaamoortayae namaha

He is the very meaning of the primordial pranara ’aum’ and he is the embodiment
Of purest form of knowledge he is pure, he is totally calm and serene (prashanta) I offer my obeisance to such supreme lord dakishnamurthy (the south facing supreme deity, the form of shiva)

Angushtha-tarjanee yogamudra vyaajaena dachinaam
Shrutyartham brahmajeevaikyam darshartham brahmajeevaikyam
Darshayanno(a) vataachchivaha

The lord dakishnamurthy holds his thumb and index finger (tarjanee)
And exhibits yoga mudra, which convey his form that he is a perfect yogi
When one hears him, it appears as though he is merged with Brahman.
When he Is seen he appears to be the very manifestation of lord shiva.

Mownavyaakhyaa prakatita parabrahmatatram yuvaanam
Varshishthaantae vasadrushiganaih aavrutam brahmanishtahi
Aachharyaendram karakalita chinmudramaanandaroopam
Svaatmaaraamam muditavadanam dakshinaamoortimeedae

I cherish lord dakishnamurthy he is ageless. Through his silence he
Propogates the concept of nondual Brahman. He is surrounded by aged
Disciples, who are always meditating upon the Brahman. He is the best
Among all teachers. (acharya indram) he exhibits ‘ chin mudra’ by holding
The fingers of his hand. He is the very form of joy. He reveals himself with
A smiling facerer.

The Vedas are beginningless. They are the revelations of god himself.

Kaashee kshaetra mahimaa

Om vishvaesham maadhavam dundim danadapaanim cha
Bhairavam vandae kaasheem guhaam gangaam
Bhavaaneem mani karnikaam

Aum, I pray to lord vishweshwara, madhara (in panchaganga in kashi)
The big bellied dhundi (ganpathi) lord dhandapani and (kala) bhairava.
I pray to the sacred kashi kshetra and the care and the river ganges and
Also where devi bharani is present. I also pray to the manikarnika ghat(in varanasi)

Note : there are nin madhavas in varansi valled sesha madhava, sangha madhva, Bindu madhava, Ghana madhava, sweta madhava, prayaga madhava,
Vaikunta madhava, veera madhava and kala madhava. But the madhava in panchanga is mentioned in this prayer. The reiver ganges flows through a
Natural cave at gangothri at amaranth. Hence this cave is remembered vishweswara , varanasi is the twelve jyotirlingas. Actually this prayer to kashi kshetra and the deities residing there.

Advice is no use unless there is some likelihood of its being followed.

Shiva stotrani

Namah shivaabhyaam nava yowvanaabhyaam
prasparaashlishta Vapur dharaabhyaam
nagaendrakanyaa vrushakaetanaabhyaam
namo namah shankarapaarvateebhyaam

I pray to lord shivaand his consort, a very young maidevi;
I pray to the form of ardhanari, with the mutually embraced or oneness
Of bodies of the lord and his consort; I pray to the daughter of the great
Mountain and the lord who bears the banner with a bull on it, I pray again
And again the lord shankara and his consort parvati

Shivam shivakaram shaantam shivaatmaanam shivottamam
Shivamaarga pranaetaaram pranamaami sadaashivam

I offer my prostrations to lord shiva, who Is the embodiment of
Tranguility; who confers happiness and whose atman is the
Superlative form of auspiciousness. I prostrate to that sadhaa
Shivaa (perpetually conferring happiness) who promulgates the
Doctrine of shiva marga (path of shiva)

Vandae soorya shashaanka vahni nayanam vandae mukunda priyam
Vandae bhaktajanaashrayam cha varadam vandae shivam shanakaram

I offer my prayers to the lord whose three are the sun, the moon and agni
The god of five. He is favourate of lord mukunda (maha Vishnu). I offer
my prayers to lord who protects his devotees, who bestows boons upon
them; to that lord shiva, that lord shankara (the auspicious)

shambhum daevam sakalajagataam eeshvaram tam trinaetram
gowreenaatham sukhadavaradam chandrachoodam bhajaami

I offer my worship to lord shambhu, who wears moon as his head;
Who protects all the worlds; who is ther three-eyed lord. I offer my
Worship to the consort of gowri (paravathi); to him who is the bestower
Of comforts, bestower of boons.

“he who has no time for the lord, must know that the lord has no time
For him-Aum, sai ram!
Sri narayana baba of panvel, maharashtra

Mrutyunjayaaya rudraaya neelakanthaaya shambhavae
Amrutaeshaaya sarvaaya mahaadaevaaya tae namaha

I pray to the lord maheshwara, who is known as sarva; who is
The lord of amruta (immortality); who is known as sambhu;
Who has deep blue hue on his neck, who is also known as rudra and
Who has conquered death.

Om tryambakam yajaamahae sugandhim pushtivardhanam
Urvaarukamiva bandhanaan mrutyormuksheeya maa(a) mrutaat

Om1 we worship the three eyed one (lord shiva), who is fragrant
And who nourishesh well all beings; may he liberate us from death
For the sake of immortality even as the cucumber is servered from its
Bondage (to the creeper)

(This is swami sivananadas translation. This is a chanting from
Sri rudram in yajur veda)

The greatness of this mantra is given below, as explained by the great
Swami sivananda of rishikesh in his own words, the readers may be benefited
By chanting the mantra as well as reading his explanation.

This mrtyunjaya mantra is a life giving mantra. In these days, when life
Is very complex and accidents are an everyday affair, this mantra words
Off deaths by snake-bites, lightning, motor accidents, air accidents and
Accidents of all descriptions. Besides, it has a great curative. Effect, again
Diseases pronounced incurable by doctors are cured by this mantra, when
Chanted with full sincerity, faith and devotion. It is a weapon against
Diseases. It is a mantra to conquer death.

It is also a moksha mantra, lord shiva’s mantra; it bestows
Long life (deerggha ayush), peace (shanti) wealth (ashiwarya)
Prosperity (pushti), satisfaction (tushti) and immortality(moksha)

Dvaadasha liga stotram

Sowraashtrae somanaatham cha shreeshailae mallikaarjunam
Ujjayinyaam mahaakaalam onkaaram amalaeshvaram
Paralyaam vaidyanaatham cha daakinyaam bheemashankaram
Saetubandhae tu vaamaesham naagesham daarukaavanae
Vaaraanasyaamtu vishvaesham tryambakam gowtameetatae
Himalayae tu kaedaaram ghushmaesham cha shivaalayae
Yaetaani jyotirlingaani saayam praatah pathaennaraha
Saptajanmakrutam paapam smaranaena vinashyati

The sins commited by any one in pervious seven births are
Erased, when one remembers the twelve jyotir linges(lingas of
Divine luster) or reads their names in the morning and evening:
Somnatha in sourashtra ; mallikarjuna in sri sailam; mahakala in
Ujjain, omkara in amaleshwara; vaidyanatha in parali; bhimashankara
In daakini; Rameshwara in sethu; nageshwara in daarukaavanam;
Vishweshwara in varanashi; triambakam at the banks of the river gautami
(godavari) kedarnath in the Himalayas and gushmesha in sivalaya.

Note: the following additional information is given for the benefits of the
Readers who may desire to perform pilgrimage to the twelve jyotir lingas.

1) The temple of lord somnath is in Gujarat state, near the port of veravel.

2) The temple of lord mallikarjuna is situated in srisailam in andra Pradesh.

3) The temple of lord mahakaleshwara is in Ujjain, on the banks of the river
Kshipra. The lords idd is white in colour.

4) The lord omkareshwara or Amaleshwara is resident on the banks of the
Reiver narmada. The temple is on the hill top this place is in Madhya
Pradesh near indore. Buese are frequently available to this temple from

5) From latur road railway station, one can go to pairoli (another railway
Station). On the top of a hill near pairoli town, Lord vaidyanatha’s
Jyotirlinga is resident. This place is in Maharashtra. There is another
Lord Vaidyanatha’s temple in Bihar. It is near jasidih railway station,
Between tatanagar and Patna. There is a conflict as to which is to be
accepted as the jyotir linga. So, the pilgrims are advised to visit both
the temples.

6) Bhimashankara can be reached by bus from Pune in Maharashtra
(42km). It is on the banks of the river Bhima.

7) Rameswara temple is in Tamilnadu. The Jyotirlinga is lord Ramanatha.
the temple is on the sea shore. There are twenty four thirtas in and around
the temple. The pilgrims can enquire at the devasthanam and take both in
all the 24 Thirtas without any hitch.

8) The Naganatha temple is situated on the way from dwarka tookha.
There is a conflict about another temple near nanded near Aurangabad
In Maharashtra. The pilgrims are advised to have darshan of both the

9) Vishweshwara in kashi (varanasi) is well known, situated at the very banks
of sacred river Ganga. The pilgrims are advised to stay for the evening
saptharishi pooja at the sanctum sanctorum. It is indeed very thrilling to
Witness that.

10) The lord triambakha is in the triambakeshwara ksheta, 21 k m from
Nashik on the banks of the river godavari. One can make a visit to the
Place of origin of the river godavari, that is at up-hills nearby (gautami

11) Kedarnatha temple of Lord siva is located on the hills top of snow
capped kedarnath mountains situated in the Himalayas.

12) The darshan of Gushmesha can be had by going from Aurangabad
the temple is just about 5 kms.from the famous Ellora Caves the
Lord is also known as Grishmeswara or Jismeshwara.

Sapta vyaahrutihi

Om Bhooh, om Bhuvah, Ogum Suvah, Om Mahah,
Om janah, om tapah, ogum satyam

These are the seven worlds ( literally) where the aspirant carries his
Thoughts towards them. In fact all these worlds are resident within
Himself. The pranava or the primordial sound ‘ om kara’ is chanted at
The beginning with ear syllable. These are also called “ saptha (seven)

Further esoteric explanation is also furnished for the benefiet of avid
Readers: in his ‘ the daily Practice Of the hindus’. ( published 1909),
The scholarly srisa Chandra vasu gives the following illuminating
Explanation for ‘ Vyahrutis’; and for the primordial Aum from Mandhukya
Upanished (verses 9-10-11)

“ The sarced syllable Aum,consists of there letters A, U and Um expressive of three aspects of god (creator, Preserver and Regenerator) the three states of
Consciousness namely waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. The seven syllables
‘ bhooh’ etc. denotes the seven planes physical, astral, mental, buddhic, nirvaanic, maha nirvaanic and para mahaa nirvaanic. In exoteric religion (i)’bhooh’ extend upto Meru (ii) ‘bhuvah’ the land of enjoyment after death,
From meru upto Dhruva, (iii) ‘Suvah’ the land of th virtuous after death, from
Dhruva upto svarga loka of five kinds. (iv) ‘mahah’ the middle and largest of all
Palnes. (v) ‘ Janah’ the land of archetypal briths for the first birth of every type
takes palce on the plane after the end of Pralaya and at the beginning of new
kalpa, the starting plane of creation; (vi) ‘Tapah’ the land of the siddhas where,
they live disturbed by pralaya, the land of senaka etc. (vii) ‘ Satyam’ the plane of
Brahma, free from all changes. The gnanis live here. On reaching this plane
There is no longer any compulsory re-incarnation.

“ According to Shri Shankara, these seven syllables are the names of
God also”.

Gaayatree Mantraha

Om Tatsaviturva vaenyam, Bhargo Daevasya Dheemahi dhiyo yo
Nah prachodayaat

If this mantra is translated literally it would mean. “ we meditate on the
Luminous and adorable “savita”, Who directs our intelligence towards
The fulfillment of all our desires and who is the creator of all the three
Words. (bhooh, Bhuvah, Svah) “we meditate on her accumulated
Luster so that she may enlighten our intellect. Briefly it means.
“ Let us meditate on the glory of the ceator of this universe, who is the
Remover of all sins and ignorances. May she enlighten our intellect.

“ may we imbibe in ourselves the choicest effulgence of the divine
Ceator that he evokes our interest.”
One more explanations:” We meditate upon the adorable light of that
Shining creator, who incites our buddhi.”

Another meaning: “ We meditate on the adorable luminous orb(bharga)
Of that divine sun who directs all our activities. The sadakha worship
Gayatri in the form of visible sun which means what ‘ Savita’ is worshipped
In this pristine purity.
Among innumerable mantras that are found in our scriptures ‘ Gayatri’ is
The supreme. This supreme mantra is almost impossible to be translated, say
Great scholars. They say that this mantra should only be meditated upon. The
Unfoldment ( Prachodana) of the Buddhi principle (Dhi) is facilitated by it.
The meditation of consists in affirming. ‘ yo(o)ham, So(a)sow, Yo(a)sow, so (a) ham, “what I am that he is, what he is that I am.”

Durgaa Sapta Sholkee

Maatarmae madhukaotabhaghi manish praanaapahaarodyamae
Haelaanirmita dhoomralochanavadhae hae chandamundardini
Nishshaesheekruta raktabeejadanujae nityae nishumbhaapahae
Shumbhadhavamsini samharaashu duritam durgae nameste(a)mbikae

O, my mother! O destroyer of chanda and Munda! Your killed madhu and
Kaitabha; you removed the life of the demon manisha in the battle. Without
Any difficulty just lika a playful act, you demon rakthabhija and his brother
You killed nishumbha and shumbha. You are everlasting (nitya) O bow
Down in obeisance to you, O, Durga ambika ! please remove all my sins.

This infinite and immortal atman is present in all beings, but lying hidden, and
There fore is not manifest, but it can berealived by those who have a subtle and
One pointed reason which has been trained to perceive subtle and still mere
Subtle truths- katopanished 3.12

Ashtowbhujangreem manishasya mardineem sashankhachakram
Sharashooladhaarineem taam divya yogeem sahajaatavaedaseem
Durgaam sadaa sharanamaham prapadyae

I always surrender to devi durga and fall at her feet; who has eight
Mighty arms; who is the destroyer of the demon manisha; who holds
In her hands, the conch, the discus, many arrows and a trident. I pray
To that devi durga, who is a great yogini and born in the form of Vedas.

Gnyaaninaamapi chaetaamsi daevee bhagavatee hi saa
Balaadaakrushya mohaaya mahaamaayaa prayachchati

The great devi “bagavathi” Maha Maya “through her force of attraction
Draws the minds of even the sages towards ‘maya’ the delusion.

There is a simple method of performing ‘pranayama’. The name itself
Is “adhi sukha poorvak pranayamam. “Be silent; make no noise; inhale
You breath through both the nostrils; retain your breath for some time,
As much time as you can; there after slowly exhale through both the
Nostrils. While holding the breath chant- “Aum” silently. You can perform
This Pranayamam’, while stading, sitting or reclining on chair or even while
Lying on the bed.

Durgae Smrutaa Harasi Bheetim ashaesha jantoho
Svastaih smrutaa matimateeva shubhaam dadaasi
Daaridrya dukha bhayahaarini kaa tvadanyaa
Sarvopakaarakaranaaya sadaardra chittaa

O, Devi Durga! By merely remembering you, you remove the fear
From the minds of all beings (in the world) by merely remembering
You, you bestow comfort, supreme knowledge and auspiciousness
(upon your devotees). Who else other than you, would remove poverty
Misery and fear, with the intention of helping everyone, when such
People offer their worship to you with diligent and careful thought!

Sarvamangala maangalyae shivae sarvartha saadhikae
Sharanyae tryamabakae daevi naraayani namo(a)stu tae

You are the form of all auspiciousness. You are “ Shivae” the
Auspicious maiden. You are mangala, the auspicious one. You are
Omniscient, who is able to do all things. I surrender to you Devi/Gowri
The three eyed maiden. You are narayaanee, the supreme vaishnavi
Devi, I bow down to three

He creates the universe and then reveals himself to us and in us
He makes himself manifest
Guru granth sahib, the sikh scripture

Sharanaagatadeenaarta paritraanaparaayanae
Sarvasyaartiharae daevi naaraayani namo(a)stu tae

I offer my obeisance to you, devi narayanee ( the vaishnavite form of the
Devi), who protects the feeble ones who surrender to her she redeems the
Miseries of the devotees (who pray to her)

Sarvasvaroopae sarvaeshae sarvashaktisamanvitae
Bhayaebhyastraahi no daevi durgae daevi namo(a)stu tae

O, Devi durga! We offer our obeisance to you. You are resident in all
Forms ( and you are those forms) you are the most supreme deity.
You are omnipotent you please remove the fear in our minds and protect
Us, O, Devi!

Vogaan ashaeshaan apahamsi tushtaa
rushtaa tu kaamaan sakalaan abheeshtaan
tvaamaashritaa hyaashrayataam prayaanti

you wipe out all diseases by showing your compassion. By showing your
wrath, you erase all desires. You become pleased to bestow all prosperities
on your aspirant devotees. When people seek refuge in you, there is no calamity
whatsoever to them when people seek refuge in you, you offer asylum to them

sarva baadha prashamanam trailokyasya akhilaeshwari
yaevamaeva tvayaa kaaryam asmad vairi vinaashnam

you cure the miseries of all. You are the supreme ishwari to all the three
worlds, and the universe too1 may I get this task done by you, that you
destroy my enemies ?

(Iti shree saptashlokee durgaa sampoornaa)
(Thus ends the shree saptashlokee durga)
Note: The slokas from S No. 3, to S No 9, are called the “Sri Saptashlokee
Durga”. The slokas are recited to please the Devi Durga. These slokas are
Essentially every mantras for which Narayana is Rishi. The Chands is
Anusht up. The Devatas ae Sri Maha Kali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswathi.
These are chanted as prelude to the recitation of Sri Durga Sapta Shanti.

Aayurdaehi Dhanam Daehi Vidyaam Daehi Mahaeshvari
Samastam akhilam daehi daehi mae Paramaeshvari

O, Supreme Deity Maheshwari. Please Bestow upon me Longevity,
Riches, Knowledge and upon the entire world-O, My Suprem Maheshwari.

Soundarya Laharee

Shivah Shaktyaa Yukto Yadi bhavati shaktah prabhavitum na
Chae daevam daevo na khalu kushalahspanditumapi
Atastvaam aaraadhyam hari hara virinehaadibhirapi pranantum
Stotum vaa kathamakruta punyah prabhavati

Only if he (shiva) joins you (sakti), would he earn the benefit of
Becoming the great lord; otherwise he would not be able even
To stir or move when the condition is like this, how dare one,
Who has earnedno merit, either to prostrate before you or sing
In praise of you, O, Devi Who is worthy of being adored every by
Hari, Hara and Brahma And others ?

Note: This is the opening stanza of soundarya lahiri, which literally
Means the ‘waves of beatuy’. The one hundred slokes composed
By Adi Sankara Sing the praise of the supreme goddess-sakti,
Parameshwari, raja rajeshwari and forms of the Devi.

I am against dowry. A marriage should take place between a boy
And a girl, who come together to live happily and peacefully in their
Love and affection. These should be no business attached. Dowry
Is business.
– pujya siva shankara in from one of his discourses in “ Samrat Chara

Mahalakshmee Ashtakam
Indra Uvaachaha
Namastaestu mahaamaayae shreepeethae surapoojitae
Shankhachakragadaahastae mahaalakshmi namo(a)stu tae

Indra said: O, the great maya: who is seated on the sree peeta,
Who is offered worship by the dears, Who bears conch, discus
And a mace, may our salutations be unto you, the supreme mahalakshmi

Namastae garudaaroodhae kalaasura bhayankari sarvapaapaharae
Daevi mahaalakshmi namo(a) stu tae

O, mahalakshmi, who is ascended on garuda, who gives fear to
Kolasura, who dispels all the sins (of her devotees), may our
Salutations to be unto you.

Sarvagnyae sarvarvaradae sarvadusohta bhayankari
Sarvaduhkhaharae daevi mahaalaksmi namo (a) stu tae

O, Mahalakshmi, who is omniscient or the embodiment of knowledge,
Who gives boon to all (her devotees), who gives fear to all wicked
Persons, who removes the miseries of all, may our salutations be unto you.

Siddhi-buddhi-pradae daevi bhukti-mukti-pradaayini mantramoortae sadaa
Daevi mahaalakshmi namo(a) stu tae.

O, Mahalakshmi, who is the giver of success, knowledge all prosperous
Benefits and finally mukti, who is the embodiment of all Manta, Vidyas,
May our salutations be unto you.

Aadyantarahitae daevi aadishakti mahaeshwari yogajae
Yogasambhootae mahaalakshmi namo(a) stu tae

O, mahalakshmi who does not have the beginning or the end,
Who is the primoridial goddess of shakti, who is the great
Ishwari, who becomes evolved from yoga-durga, may our salutations
Be unto you.

Sthoola-sookshma-mahaarowdrae mahaashkati mahodarae
Mahaapaapa –harae daevi mahaalakshmi namo(a) stu tae
O, Mahalakshmi who is both macrocosmic and microscopic
Who is the very form of wrath, who is the emboidiment of
Supreme energy, who is known as mahodharee who is the
Destroyer of great sins, may our salutations be unto you.

Padamaasanasthitae daevi parabrahmasvaroophi
Paramaeshi jaganmaatah mahaalakshmi namo(a) stu tae

O, Mahalakshmi, who is seated on a sacred lotus, who is the very
Form of supreme brahma, who is the supreme goddess, who is
The mother of the universe, may our salutations unto you.

Shvaetaambaradharae daevi naanaa(a) lankaarabhooshitae
Jagatsthitae jaganmaatah mahaalakshmi namo (a) stu tae

O, Mahalakshmi, who is clad in white apparel, who is
Adorned with varietie of grand omaments, who is the
Sustainer of the entire universe and who is mother of the worlds,
May our salutations be unto you.

Mahaalakshmyashtakam stotram yah
pathaed bhaktimaannaraha sarvasiddhimavaapnoti
Raajyam praapnoti sarvadaa

Whichever human being that may read this mahalakshmi ashtaka
Stotram always with great veneration gains success in all
Affairs, attains the honour of getting a kingdom too

Yaekakaalae pathaennityam mahaapaapavinaashanam
Dvikaalam yah pathaennityam dhana-dhannya samanvitha

Whoever reads this stotram once is a day, gets all his great sins
Erased. Whoever reads twice, is endowed with all types of wealth,
And also wealth of grains of all varieties.

Trikaalam yah pathaennityam mahaashatruvinaashanam
Mahaalakshmee bhavaennityam prasannaa vardaa subhaa

Whoever reads this three times daily, gets all his big enemies
Destroyed by the goddess. Above all the beautiful lustrous great
(maha) lakshmi becomes pleased always and showers many
Boons, on her devotes

In ancient days ladies used to chant gayatri as freely as men,
Says manu.. the shastra injunctions and our personal observations
Take us to the conclusion that women too can, rather should, chant
Gayatri mantra regularly in their morning and evening worship.’
Swami Chinmayananda

“ Ladies have the right to chant Gayatri Mantra. Sri Ramakrishna
Paramahamsa intiated vedic knowledge and the supreme gayatri
Mantra to sharada devi, his consort.
Swami Chitbhavananda

Gayatri mantra is universally applicable, for it is nothing
But an earnest prayer for light, addressed to the almighty
Spreme spitit
Sadguru sant keshavadas

Sarasvati namastubhyam varadae kaamaroopini
Vidyaarambham karishyaami siddhirbhavatu mae sada

O, Devi, Saraswati, I pray to you. You are the bestower of all
Desires. I shall begin to acquire knowledge (start studying) please
Help me to acquire perfection at all times.

Yaa kundaendu tushaara haara dhavala yaa shubhra vastraavrutaa
Yaa veenaavaradandamandita karaa yaa shvaeta padmaasanna
Yaa brahmaachyuta shankara prabhrutibhih daevaih sadaa poojitaa
Saa maam paatu sarasvatee bhagavatee nihshaeshajaadyaa pahaa

May the goddess saraswati protect me; the goddess who is capable
Of obliterating all my slothfulness; the goddess who is white like the
“kunda” flower and like the moon and like the necklace formed by
Snow; the goddess who is attired in white garments; the goddess
Who holds the beautiful veena (lute) and seated on white lotus flower;
The goddess who is always paid obeisance to, by great gods like
Brahma, Vishnu and shankara

Maanikyaveenam upalaalayanteem madaalasaam manjula
Vaagvilaasam maahaendraneela dyuti komalaangeem
Maahaendraneela dyuti komalaangeem
Maatangakanyaam manasaa smaraami

As she fondles her precious manikya veena(lute made of precious
Rubies) and as the speaks beautifully one becomes intoxicated
And becomes benumbed. I remember (chant) by my mind, the
Holy sage matangas daughter, who is adorned with the most
Precious and lustrous blue sapphire ornaments on her beautiful body.

Chaturbhujae chandrakalaa vatamsae kuchonnatae
Kunkumaraagashonae pundraekshu paashaankusha
Pushpabaana hastae namastae jagadaekamaatah

She has four arms. She bears the crescent moon on her crown.
Her uplifted breasts are plump and they are red in colour due
To the smearing of saffrom on them. She holds the striped
Variety of high quality sugarcane, a noose(pasha), a good (ankusha)
And arrows of flowers in her hands. I pray to that one and only
Mother of the universe.

Maataa marakatashyaamaa maatangee madashalinee
Kuryaatkataaksham kalyanee kadam bavana vaasinee
Jaya maatanga tanayae jayaneelotpaladyutae
Jaya samgeetarasikae jaya leelashukapriyae

The mother is green like emerald, she is the daughter of the
Great sage matanga. She is beautiful owing to her proud
Rejoicing she resident in the kadamaba forest. She bestows
Auspiciousness. O, Mother, please turn your glance towards me.
Victory to be you, O, daughter of the sage matanga. Victory be to
You, the one who rises from the blue lotus. O, Enjoyer of pure form
Of music! O, the favourite of Leelasukha-victory be to you.

Behold the woman who worshippeth not the gods, but workshippeth
Her husband even as she riseth from bed; the rain cloud obeyeth
Her commands
-v v s iyer’s translation of Thirukkural”

Padmapatra vishaalaakshee padmakaesaravarninee
Nityam padmaalayaa daevee saamaam paatu sarasvatee

May devi saraswati protect me, the devi who possesses broad eyes
Like the lotus petals, the devi who is described to be possessed of
The filament of lotus and who is always seated on a lotus flower.

Saras vateetyayam hrushtaa veenaa pustaka dhaarinee
Hamsavaahana samyuktaa vidyaadaanakaree mama

The devi saraswati is delighted to carry a veena and a book.
The devi who is (beautifully) seated on a swan, imparts
To me all knowledge.

Namastae shaaradaadaevi kaashmeera puravaasini
Tvaamaham praarthayae nityam vidyaadaanam cha daehi mae

I offer worship to you sardha devi, who resides in Kashmir
I pray to you daily-please grant me knowledge also
Aapathi kim karanaeeyamam samaranaeeyam charanayugalamambaayaaha

What should we do when faced with danger ?
We should remember the lotus feet of the divine mother

Annapoornaa Stotram
(praise to the devi who feeds the universe)

Annapoornae sadaapoornae shankara praanavallabhae
Gnyaana vairaagya sidhyartham bhikshaam daehi cha paarvati

O, mother Annapoorana ! you are whole and complete forever.
O, parvathi, consort of lord shankara, for the sake of attaining
Liberation (moksha) and for warding off the desires and passions
Of worldly thoughts (vairagyam), I solicit you for alms.


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